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I apologize for the automatic translation of  the text. I do not want to spend time editing and consultation with a professional translators. The main thing - is the meaning of the article.


Contacting the company service center under the roof of "Online Trade"

 turned into a  loss of more than 26 hours of travel, lots of calls ... and gratitude that me have only been robbed.
And this despite the fact that they immediately recognized legal warranty and factory defect.
As a result, I lost my camera and my money.

They left me with money for which  I can't buy now any similar camera, and lots of expensive accessories,

turned into dust ...
My "Fujifilm X20", instead of a warranty repair or exchange, the Moscow representatives of the company "Fujifilm" just took away from me.
Based on my painful experience, I can not recommend to buy in Moscow, digital cameras and lenses Fujifilm.


(I hope that in the spring of 2018 I will finally  buy  X-T10 from the USA, normal quality for normal money)

YES!!!  Finally I bought a camera from Adorama. In a wonderful rating "Demo".   Many thanks, Adorama.

Why Used?
Adorama sells high quality used equipment that is physically examined before we purchase it for resale. Each product is rated by condition and includes the basic components needed for operation. Weekday orders for used items placed by 1:00 PM EST generally ship the same day. All used goods come with a 90 day Adorama warranty. To ensure your satisfaction, any used equipment can be returned within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked!


"They stand behind their products and I have never had a problem with anything I've purchased new or used.They are super picky about their rating system on used equipment, putting the customer before profit. In my book the best people to deal with for camera equipment.
- Keith M"

 For a long time I was looking for a little camera for permanent wear. Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic ...? "Of course Fuji colors better": advised me  the manager of one large store. At Fuji films I shot a lot and know their exquisite, stable quality. Of course, this is the best slide film. The same applies to paper and photochemistry. But Fuji camera, I almost did not know. Visited Fujifilm site, I began to study the production. Immediately I rushed to a gross technical mistake. So sorry for the company Fuji. I happened to be on the firm and on the Mountain itself. I saw how the Japanese  honor this word. I called the Moscow office and asked to correct the error or provide an address in Japan to write that Muscovites disgrace company. "We do not give this information," intoned reluctantly mumbled and hung up. It should have been alerted! I  found the address by myself. Shame from the site removed. Then my attention was attracted by "Fujifilm X10" camera. I began to study, to look closely, to read. (Compare with the  Nikon p7100). And then "Fujifilm X20" arrived. Without the filter in front of the matrix, respectively, with a more detailed, clear image; obviously without the "Blooming" and with the  information in the optical viewfinder. But I pulled. Very much like the flip screen. We can shoot and unusual angles, and a screen shade from the sun's glare, and make a frame "from the hip". And such a device company ... made in China. In my mind  "top-end" camera should be made in Japan. Also replaced the optical viewfinder electronic eye. The camera has increased in size, and became not  pocket size. And if you carry a camera in your bag, it is not such a small matrix. At "Fujifilm X30" disappeared separate charger. Rather it appeared as "optional" for an additional fee. Improved video, wireless communications, and more battery due to the size and weight I do not need . In short, 27 August 2014, as soon became known parameters of "Fujifilm X30" I rushed to buy "Fujifilm X20". There was no choice.

Fujifilm X20

I'm used to treat with care to optics so ordered at the protective filter Hoya thread 40.0 mm. The camera was surprised by a very good picture, rich settings, convenient menu. I have written on other sites, but I repeat: Fujifilm knows everything about  colors,  and their film experience they were able to transfer to the matrix! Wonderful functions  - expanding the dynamic range, simulation films, including B&W filters. Clouds with red (orange) filter (BW) - great! Mode "macro" - disappointed. Enthusiastic reviews of fellow chamber dzhipege postponed my shoot in "raw" format, but in vain. It made sense to just shoot in «RAF», maybe. you never know in advance which picture will be particularly roads, and seek to maximize the quality I always try. It so happened that the forced purchase of the fall was not conducive to full testing chamber. If I was going to shoot, "ribbon-cutting" only for the Internet, take this toy I hesitated instead of SLRs. Yes focusing speed 0,00..6 sec, but that's where it hover - question. Originally I bought this camera  not for commerce but for fun when nothing heavy impossible to carry.
At spring spots appeared in the optical viewfinder. Black or green, depending on the light conditions. I suffered, but the spots increased in size, prevented sighting, spoil the fun of shooting. I called the service. . Nobody approached three hours. Brought to the address in the "On Line Trade" on Leningradsky Prospect. 80. They said that if I did not want him to have a week lying on the need to take "Shchukinskaya", there is "the engineers there." It was not possible to invite Shchukin engineers. Although I have been to them and questions and trade-offs. They took on the diagnosis. After ordering bored double-manager took the camera in his hands, he looked through the viewfinder, and saw nothing there. Rubbed viewfinder with a dirty rag. In my explanation that darkens the viewfinder without a battery, it was answered that he was not obliged to know. If Moscow office "" Fuzhdiflim "" chose a representative of such a .... A few days later he said that they ordered item (part) and I need to call in a couple of weeks. Okay. A few days later they called and said that I need need to come for an act of non-repairable. Rude wording "repair is not cost-effective."

ОнЛайн Трейд

 "Shop will return yours rubles  (then $1 was  34 rubles, now about $1=65rubles) or exchange" (on the "Fujifilm X30", which I did not want to buy? Later, the dealer did not even offer a replacement to the "Fujifilm X30"). By the way, and in the representation of "Fuji" (mr Denis) lied, saying that the X20 is on sale (?!)  I foolishly bought a spare battery for future use, which did not even loaded (1790rubles). Worthless adapter-hood, filter (approximately 1000rubles), bag-cover (1200rubles). I spent 5 days on holiday trip, made a lot of calls. Naturally I again write to the head office. Although our problems, we have to solve here. The dealer said that the case of the viewfinder is not unique. ""  do not care to the client. The "Fujifilm Russia" have a big problem with the service. And Moscow is already talking about it.
Some cameras from Fujifilm are very good. Perhaps this refers only to the Fujifilm X100 / X100s / X100t /X100f which the firm triumph  rushed into the market. Weatherproof camera inferior "Olympus". "Pro1" (monster) and "Pro2" do not deserve attention. Invest in their cameras, optics, accessories and make pre-orders for " NEW FujiFilm " without warranty and service - madness. Pseudo wide format
"Fujifilm GFX 50S"  does not deserve attention again.

Fujifilm X20

Fujifilm X20

Fujifilm X20


ps. Coincidentally, the same day I contacted the service "Nikon" (m. Kurskaya, Moscow, Russia) with discontinued  lens. (AF-S 28-70 f2,8 (repair AF module.) I almost did not hope. They repaired in one (!) day. For little money. The Nikon company employed professionals, not incomprehensible mediators like "Fuji". Probably the Moscow market for "FujiFilm"is indifferent.  It's a pity.